Hiya, stranger! Thanks for stopping by; my name's Nichol and I'm a proudly obsessed reader.

about the girl

I'm a freshman in college, who actually plans to pursue a career in reading and writing. I will be attending Arizona State University for an English degree in the fall. With that degree, I hope to head into the publishing world. I also do a bit of writing on the side, with a far off dream of becoming an author myself.

Beyond reading, I absolutely adore traveling. There's nothing better than seeing all of the cultures that the world has to offer. I've been to 41 countries (my most recent addition was Iceland) and 4 continents. My dream destinations right now are Australia and China. I've been studying German for more than five years now, though my favorite place to visit is actually Italy. From Venice to Rome, Florence to Pompeii, I'm a little bit  lotta bit in love with the country. I can't wait to study abroad in the next few years!

My family is basically a big group of bizarrely passionate people. When we do something, we go all out. Our vacations are often a series of at least five countries at a time. When I start liking a fandom, my dad starts booking tickets for conventions. I've attended New York Comic Con a few times now, though my goal is to get to San Diego Comic Con one day! I've also attended tons of conventions for Twilight (oooh, the tween days), Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and more. I've also attended a handful of book festivals. The furthest I've dragged myself for a book festival was upstate New York; I drove all the way to Rochester (about 8 hours) for the Teen Book Festival there. I've also attended Apollycon, Bookcon, and the Nova Teen Book Festival. In 2015, I finally made it to BEA! Go big or go home, right?

And that basically sums me up: writing, reading, Teen Wolf, and traveling. Unfortunately, I'm not much more interesting than that.

about the blogger

I've always been that girl that cries about books and gets heart palpitations just talking about my most recent read. I find it difficult to express myself, considering few of my friends actually care when I ramble about my fictional escapades.

So my solution is this blog! My new year's resolution is to get back into a reading groove (which unfortunately also means better time management with school work; it'll be a tumultuous road) and subsequently write some reviews.

But thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!

*All of my reviews are my honest opinion. I have not been compensated for any reviews or review copies*