Sunday, December 1, 2013


Introductions are always good, aren't they?

So hello, stranger! I'm Nichol, hence the "nickel" for my thoughts; Nickel is a not-so-fond nickname that I've acquired. I guess it's grown on me. Kat's nickname definitely grew on her in the lovely Ms. Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series. Then again, who would mind an insanely hot guy calling you "Kitty", even if he is an alien?

Anyway, back to the basics. I'm sixteen years old and a junior in high school. I get overwhelmed at times and usually try to relax with a good Wattpad story; I'm hoping to revert my Wattpad addiction back to my book addiction. However, I tend to be a seasonal reader; insatiable during the summer and winter breaks, but absolutely illiterate during the school year. I'm hoping to change that though!

I'm hoping that this blog, and you guys eventually, will help motivate me to stick with my reading habits and not let school distract me from the more important things at hand--books! (My priorities are insanely well-aligned, aren't they?)

I haven't thought this whole blog thing out yet. I run a "blog" on Tumblr (link on the side!), but I figure that's far different than this. So as people start reading this blog, we'll develop a schedule!

I have 9 books on the way from Amazon, 3 books on the way from Random House, 1 book on the way from a giveaway, and countless new and unread books stacked in my room. I also have a virtual stack of books waiting for me on my Kindle for my vacation to Europe this month. So I'll definitely have fodder for thought by 2014; plenty to blog about!

But honestly, I'm playing this all by ear; I hope that you guys are willing to stumble along with me!

So until next time, no-longer-a-stranger!