Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sanctum by Sarah Fine

Title: Sanctum
Author: Sarah Fine
Format I Read: Kindle
Pages: 433
Genres: Supernatural, Romance, Action
Release Date: Ocotber 16, 2012
Stars: 5
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Okay so I really don't know what to say about this book, other than that it reminded me why I love reading so much.

It was amazing. I don't know if I think that simply because I haven't really had time to read in a while, but I just thought it was flawless.
It had such raw emotion and the characters were so real. It approached the depression and suicide aspects with such rationality and poise. I felt like it addressed them without being controversial or truly getting into the argument. The focus was suicide, but it wasn't. It artfully wove it into the story, while still keeping the main plot with Lela's adventure, if that makes any sense.

The romance was also completely rational and unrushed. I didn't feel like, for a single moment, the romance was far-fetched or one of those teen "I just met him and wow he's hot okay time to kiss smooch". It really progressed and was just amazing. The romance and development reflected the characters involved, which was great.

I also just seriously loved the characters; they all had so much depth and such vivid back story.
Lela's past really affected the person she was, as clear in the book. And I loved how the author avoided the cliche "she's hurt and scared of everyone but oh look hot guy just kidding he can touch her". Again, there was a lot of progress in the book, rather than the cliche teen romance. She didn't immediately jump in Malachi's arms. It was realistic development.

Malachi and Nadia also weren't just side characters; they really had their own background and their own story. I really loved Malachi's side story. I felt like it was kind of forced (especially in how Lela found out about it), as were some other aspects of the book. The author definitely had some moments of awkward plot development and wording, but overall it worked.
I also loved Nadia's depression, which sounds horrible, but it's true. I liked how there was no real reason behind it. She didn't have a rough past like Lela did. It just showed the irrationality and the inexplainability of depression. It just is. You feel unloved and there's no true reason behind it. Nadia was infinitely loved, yet she couldn't realize it. That's exactly the case with depression and I thought the author portrayed that wonderfully.

Overall, I just seriously thought it was an amazing book and I'm so glad I bought it on the Kindle. I will now have it forever so that I can reread it over and over again!

OH and I also absolutely loved the ending; no spoilers, but I just loved how it all fit and it literally had me grinning at the end. It just made me so happy and I can't wait for more from this author and this series!