Monday, June 1, 2015

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Title: Nowhere But Here
Author: Katie McGarry
Format I Read: Kindle
Pages: 496
Genres: Realistic Fiction, Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Stars: 5
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Because I read most of Katie McGarry's books before I started blogging, some of you may not know about my undying love for her work. Well... now you know. I'm mildly obsessed.

Katie McGarry is a master of words. Nowhere But Here is the first book in her new Thunder Road series, which I'm so excited for!

The book revolves around Emily and Oz. Emily lives a sheltered life with her mom and her adoptive father in Florida. However, her biological father lives in Kentucky and belongs to a motorcycle club. When Emily's family gets news that her biological grandmother has died, they head to Kentucky to attend the funeral in Snowflake, Kentucky. Unfortunately, what starts as a misunderstanding quickly spirals out of control. Emily is suddenly threatened by a rival motorcycle club. The rival motorcycle club, the Riot, deals in illegal business, while the Reign of Terror (Emily's father, Eli's club) is completely legit. Emily's initial interpretations of the club are quickly turned on their head. She begins to spend time with Eli, Oz, and the family she never knew she had. Oz is a young man who desperately wants to join the Reign of Terror, to officially join the family he's grown up around. His final assignment before he can become a prospect? Protect Emily. However, he has to avoid telling her the truth about her past--why Emily and her mother fled Snowflake.

As always, Katie McGarry flawlessly constructs her characters. The people in her novels have as much depth as the Mariana Trench. Every character has so many layers; it's amazing. There are no simple stock characters in McGarry's books. They're all complex, as are their relationships.

I loved Emily and Oz's developing relationship. It was so natural how it started as a simple attraction and slowly transformed into a deeper connection. It was completely believable. Everything was believable. I loved Emily and Eli's relationship; how it slowly developed from "I see you once every year, you don't belong in my life" to "wow, you're my father." Emily's struggle between Eli and Jeff (her adoptive father) was also charmingly realistic. Emily wants to connect with Eli, but feels that she's betraying Jeff, the father who raised her. This was precious and completely understandable! I also adored Emily's blossoming relationship with Olivia, her biological grandmother who is dying of cancer. Basically, I loved everything that had to do with the characters in this book. Everything just felt so real.

I don't really know what else to say. Whenever I read McGarry's books, I feel like I'm sitting there with the characters. I feel like I could run into Emily, Oz, Olivia, Eli, Chevy, or Violet on the street. I feel like they're real people. That is no simple feat. Katie McGarry is honestly a magician with characters!

Not to mention, she expertly weaves together an amazing plot twist! I never guessed the truth that everyone was hiding from Emily. I was left with my mouth wide open, whispering "what?!" It was fantastically done--an awesome puzzle!

In summary--another 5 star novel from Katie McGarry, an amazing start to what is sure to be an amazing new series! Congratulations on the great new story, Ms. McGarry!