Thursday, January 22, 2015

Faking It by Cora Carmack

Title: Faking It
Author: Cora Carmack
Format I Read: Kindle
Pages: 304
Genres: Romance, Realistic Fiction, New Adult
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Stars: 4
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Unlike Losing It, Faking It made a much better impression. Faking It is connected to its predecessor but still relatively standalone.

The aforementioned best friend who fell in love with Bliss in Losing It has moved to Philadelphia to try to start fresh and get over her. This quest to cure his heartbreak brings him into the arms of Max, a rebellious daughter who needs him to fake being her boyfriend. Max's family doesn't accept the tattooed and wild girl she is. They love their daughter Mackenzie, the blonde cheerleader from high school. A chance encounter leaves Cade with the role of Max's boyfriend, perfect for an actor trying to leave behind his heartbroken reality. However, sparks fly and the relationship may become more than just a sham.

In the first chapter, Max and Cade stole my heart in the way that Bliss and Garrick weren't capable of doing after an entire book. The banter, the clash, and the eventual love between the two characters made me melt. I felt as if the conflict was more legitimate here and I related to the characters much more. The character development and the progression was so natural. It wasn't love at first sight. Ms. Carmack made sure to convey that, yes, it was attraction at first sight, but not love. That made it more real for me.

Despite the "opposites attract" trope, Faking It was still wonderfully original. Cade was the Golden Boy and Max was the Angry Girl. But we learn that they aren't really opposites after all. Both are broken and both are in pain. Max lives in the shadow of her dead sister, and Cade is constantly being left behind. Both have issues to deal with and this gives them a common ground. The development was fantastic.

Overall, it was a cute (adorable) read that I ripped through. The characters, the plot, the conflict, the writing (hello, Cora Carmack) were all fantastic. Definitely recommended for someone looking for a nice New Adult romance!