Saturday, January 24, 2015

This Is Falling by Ginger Scott

Title: This Is Falling
Author: Ginger Scott
Format I Read: Kindle
Pages: 281
Genres: Romance, Realistic Fiction
Release Date: August 29, 2014
Stars: 4
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So I read this book over Christmas break, so it's not too fresh in my mind. I apologize in advance for any mess-ups in this review!

Rowe meets Nate, a baseball player, when she enters college. Rowe is plagued by a past, a big secret that we don't know. It's bad enough that she struggles for happiness. With Nate's help, she starts on her way to recovery.

I felt like it was an interesting concept.  I could understand Rowe's pain and could completely understand her suffering. Based on her past, I felt it was justified.

I liked the characters. Rowe's roommate was sweet and fun. Her other roommate, Paige, was pretty bitchy, but we learn the reason why later on in the novel. So she did redeem herself and she was more than Rowe's initial stereotype of her. I liked that. The characters definitely had depth. I also really enjoyed Nate's brother and the rest of the cast. Everyone was great.

The romance was wonderful. Nate and Rowe had amazing chemistry and I really felt for them. Even when plagued by the shadow of Josh, Rowe's ex boyfriend, Nate was adorable and caring. I thought they worked well together.

One thing I didn't like, or think really fit the story, was Rowe's sudden cure. Nate helps her break out of her shell and cross over to happiness, and suddenly she's so comfortable that she's just chilling with another guy after she fights with Nate? If Nate was really the catalyst, I would think that her progress would be slightly more limited to her interactions with Nate.

However, props to Ms. Scott for taking the plunge and writing about such a topic. I felt that the psychological impact was very interesting and realistic. The romance was well done. Overall, a pretty good read, and I'd probably give it 3.5 stars (rounding up to 4).

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